August 24, 2009

My Girl is growing up...

My baby girl started Kindergarten this morning!!  Here she is just cheesing for the camera.  I woke her up this morning and I whispered that today was her big day & up she got!!  She kept asking if it was time to go until finally we left.  Daddy took the morning off so he could be there too.
Here are both kids cheesing!
She was such a big girl today!  
We won't know who her teacher is until Labor Day!!  There are 3 different teachers and 50 kids.  They are going to rotate the kids to each teacher and then right before Labor Day they will make the final decision as to which teacher the kids will get.  I can't wait until she gets home and hear all about her day.  I know they were going to have an assembly this morning which she will love!  I'll fill you all in with more detail later!

1 comment:

Holly said...

aw, they grow up fast don't they? I hope she's always this excited about going off to school!

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