January 15, 2017

Monogram Madness

Hi everyone!

I know I haven't been posting like I wanted to & I'm sorry!

On my Facebook page (here), I posted a Monogram Madness sale I'm running.  Depending on how much response I get will determine how long I run the sale.

 There are so many ways to use these monograms!  I added one to my sister-in-law's tumbler I made her for Christmas...

These 2 are not my pictures but found online - you can put them on your laptop or on the window of your car (in warmer weather that what we have right now, lol).

If you are interested, please contact me by using the link on the right sidebar!  I'm happy to answer any questions you may have as well!


January 3, 2017

Some of my Christmas presents

Taking some time to show a few of the presents I made for coworkers this past Christmas...

This first one is for someone who is raising her granddaughter and doing the best that she can with what she has - I think she's doing an awesome job!  I cut the design (from here) out of glitter HTV and pressed on with my heat press.

This one is for my immediate boss.  She's had a very rough year - her granddaughter (that she is also raising along with her grandson) caught a very rare case of E.Coli over the summer.  Then she found out that her father has cancer, but he had surgery this fall to remove it and it looks like it worked!  Her car had motor issues so she had to get a new car.  So I thought she could use this shirt - and she loved it!  I cut the design (from here) out of glitter HTV and pressed it as well on with my heat press.

This mug is for my boss's boss & the owner of the company.  We weren't really sure what to buy him for Christmas so I decided to make this mug.  It's just a mug from Dollar Tree & the image is one I found on Google & traced in my Silhouette software.  I cut out the design with my Silhouette for a stencil to etch.  He was really impressed with it!

Be sure to come back again!

January 1, 2017

New Year

Hi all!

Boy it has been ages since I’ve posted anything!  Life has been crazy but I am making a New Year’s Resolution – to start posting at least weekly.  About my family, work, crafting or just rambling in general.  A lot has happened since my last post…

Hubby & I have celebrated 5 years of married happiness!  Summer of 2014 we purchased our first home together.  We are slowly making it ours by doing some remodeling & fixing.  Our first big project was to remodel the basement & make it into our master bedroom suite with a craft area for me & huge computer area for hubby.  Hubby built me a dream desk to be able to spread out while I’m working on thinga.  Yay!!

We lost our fur baby, Gibson, in April due to a tumor growing on his spine paralyzing him so we made the heartbreaking decision to let him pass across the Rainbow Bridge.  We all miss him terribly!!  By pure luck, we found another one very similar to him – a terrier Schnauzer mix named Snoopy.  Snoopy has definitely found a home with us.


I’ve been working with the same insurance company since July 2010 – first as a Customer Service Rep for one of our producers and then in January 2014 I was able to move into an accounting position since that’s what my degree is in.

Crafting has been on and off for a while, but this last year it has really picked up for me.  I’m learning to use my Silhouette machine more and more.  Currently I’m hooked on making t-shirts!  My favorite one so far is the one I made for my step-daughter for Christmas (picture below). 

Brittney wearing her Eevee shirt.  :)

I make birthday cards for everyone at work and that seems to be a hit (they tell me that they look forward to getting my card every year).  Hopefully this year I can be ahead of the game and get cards made well in advance so I don’t panic the night before!  So a goal of mine is to participate in card challenges frequently.

A friend of mine, Bev, and I have participated in several craft shows together.  Even if we don’t make a profit, it’s always fun to see each other and people watch!  We did our first 2-day event this year and it was a good learning experience.  Hopefully we can do more again this year!  Another goal of mine for this year is to have inventory for shows ready well in advance so I’m not stressing the night before finishing things.  J

And I really want to get my etsy shop up and going – which goes in part with having inventory for craft shows.

Thanks for visiting & I'll be back in a few days with another post!  Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

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