January 3, 2017

Some of my Christmas presents

Taking some time to show a few of the presents I made for coworkers this past Christmas...

This first one is for someone who is raising her granddaughter and doing the best that she can with what she has - I think she's doing an awesome job!  I cut the design (from here) out of glitter HTV and pressed on with my heat press.

This one is for my immediate boss.  She's had a very rough year - her granddaughter (that she is also raising along with her grandson) caught a very rare case of E.Coli over the summer.  Then she found out that her father has cancer, but he had surgery this fall to remove it and it looks like it worked!  Her car had motor issues so she had to get a new car.  So I thought she could use this shirt - and she loved it!  I cut the design (from here) out of glitter HTV and pressed it as well on with my heat press.

This mug is for my boss's boss & the owner of the company.  We weren't really sure what to buy him for Christmas so I decided to make this mug.  It's just a mug from Dollar Tree & the image is one I found on Google & traced in my Silhouette software.  I cut out the design with my Silhouette for a stencil to etch.  He was really impressed with it!

Be sure to come back again!

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